”The most important blind visitor to your website is Google! In the same way that creating accessible web pages helps disabled person access your content, it also helps Google index your pages so that the right people can find your service or product”.

– Jim Bryne, Founder of Guild of Accessible Web Designers


web2Web users have different experiences online which may range from the way a user perceives content on a web page, navigation of the content posted online and the understanding & ultimately the engagement and interaction with the content which includes images, audio, video content, text content etc. The different experiences may stem from several factors such as a user’s knowledge of the internet, the device that a user is using to access a web page and the most common hindrance could be the physical capability of the users such as users with visual impairments, auditory & speech disabilities or cognitive & neurological impairments.

Hector Hector
Is this someone’s idea or a universally accepted convention?

Gretchen Gretchen
I think it’s just an idea. How many sites have you seen designed in Greek or Chinese? Many.


”The term accessibility can be understood to mean accommodating characteristics a person cannot change”.

– JOE CLARK, Author of “Building Accessible Websites” Book

web1 web accessTherefore when creating a website or adding content to a web page, it’s vital that you consider making the content accessible to such disadvantaged users by removing any accessibility barrier which might prevent them from accessing the content.

This means that the website should be designed in a manner that it’s flexible enough to meet and satisfy the needs of different categories of users. This in turn creates more user engagement and interactions as well as providing equal opportunity and access to all users.

Talking Moose
Talking Moose
What about making computer viruses and malware accessible to all users?.

Betty Betty
Thanks for saying nothing.


web access1This website was initially established in late 2005 and through to early 2009 it had useful content and discussion about web design, web standards and web accessibility. Unfortunately the owner of the website which was more of a blog dropped it and it remained expired till late 2011 when another owner picked it up but this time around created content about home improvement and décor. However just like the former owner, the latter let the domain expire. When I picked it up I decided that I should revert back to the original content about web accessibility and standards because it is a pertinent topic today with globalization and the increased use of mobile devices and web applications by millions of people.

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Tyler Tyler
Is this site designed to be accessible to everyone?